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Find and compare the best credit cards for your personal situation. We help consumers from find the best offers, no matter their unique credit situation. From pre-paid debit cards, secured and unsecured credit cards, zero percent travel reward credit cards to poor and bad credit approved credit card applications. The best credit card for you starts with understanding what your goals are and what your projected card use will be.

Prepaid Debit Cards, Secured Credit Cards, Pre-Loaded Credit Programs Have Soared In Popularity In 2013 – Finding The Best Card For Your Needs Is Key

Editors Picks – Top Rated Cards For 2014

Our team of writers is working hard to find you the best card offers, some of the key topics we will be focusing on for the balance of 2013 and into the 2014 new year include:

  • Review pre-paid and secured card offers
  • Find out how cash back cards can be used and what cards have limits or caps
  • Rewards and points cards, the best tips to ensure your card fits your lifestyle
  • Poor or no established credit history, tips for getting the right credit card
  • What banks and card companies are rated best in customer service
  • How to negotiate with your card company to lower your interest rates or increase your credit limit
  • Consumers have increasingly used pre-paid credit cards, debit cards and secured credit cards over the past two years. What was once a niche market is now estimated to be a thirty billion dollar marketplace. With the amount of consumers who are exploring the benefits of using pre-paid or secured credit programs, the number of offers rolling out on a daily basis is almost staggering. Too further complicate the process, hundreds of pre-paid debit cards and secured credit cards are now being endorsed by various celebrity personalities. The simple endorsement of a celebrity should never imply that the card is a good financial offer for your financial situation. Whether you have excellent, average, poor, bruised or bad credit, your financial situation is unique and your goals for finding the best card option for your personal situation should be guided by math, not celebrity pictures, infomercials or ads.

    So How Do You Compare Pre Paid or Secured Cards Effectively?

    Math, Math and more Math. Read the fine print and finances. This is where you will discover things like transaction fees (fees that may applied each and every time you use your card), maintenance fees (a monthly or annual fee for allowing you to use your card), reloading fees (fees you pay to add money to your cards), activation fees (a charge to get your card activated for use).

    To make sure you find the best prepaid card for your situation, here are some good tips:

    - How often will you be using the card
    - What type of purchases will you being considering
    - How is your credit history, would a traditional credit card offer better terms
    - Perks and Rewards – Some prepaid cards offer perks, rewards and incentives – *be careful to review fees on these*
    - No credit check cards – potentially good if you have no credit or damaged credit
    - Payment notifications for credit scores

    Whether you are searching for an instant approval card, a pre-paid card, a secured credit card, student cards or guaranteed approval credit card, we work with lenders who offer a variety of programs to help you find the perfect card for your personal financial situation.

    Our mission is to help you make informed financial decisions, by uncovering hidden fees, high rates, or hard to understand financial lingo. Consumers are urged to consult with a financial advisor to review their specific financial situation if they have additional questions. While we work hard to provide up to date news and stories related to the credit card and financial markets, we make no guarantees related to financing, approval or lenders who may promote their services on our site. **Please be advised, the operators of this site Best Credit Cards dot org may receive compensation for advertisements and offers that are promoted on this website.

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    * See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the 'Apply Now' button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the issuers website.
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