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Best Gas Cash Back and Auto Credit Cards Offers

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Guide to Finding the Best Auto and Gas Credit Cards

Ever-rising gas prices can put a real strain on the average working consumer who may be already struggling with their monthly bills. Getting a gas credit card can ease some of the pressure you may be feeling at the pump. You can get the same or better rewards rate plus signup bonuses and perks without the restrictions or detailed requirements associated with using a regular credit card. Understanding how gas credit cards can be a little complicated; they are issued depending on how good your credit score is and may include fees and even a few drawbacks. Here is a guide to find the best gas credit cards available to fit your personal needs.

How To Select The Right Gas Credit Card

Selecting the right gas credit card entails various aspects, but some of the main things to consider might include:

• What are the maximum points or rebates you can earn for every dollar spent on
qualifying purchases?
• Can points be earned for gas as well as other categories?
• Does the card offer a signup bonus?
• Are there certain lending restrictions or donation requirements before being accepted?
• Will points be redeemed at their full value?
• The introductory rate for purchases and balance transfers and the rate after this time
period ends.
• Will there be a liability charge for unauthorized purchases?
• Will rebates earned have an expiration date or has automatic
redemption options?
• Does the gas credit card offer personalized online support to help you get the most
rewards for your usage?

How To Select The Right Auto Credit Card

Because auto credit rewards cards have different rewards, spending requirements, limitations and benefits, no one card is the same. Therefore,it is important to thoroughly research and gain an understanding of how auto rewards cards can be used and how its reward system works. Here is a checklist that you should consider before getting an auto rewards card:

Does the card have a limit of how much you can earn in rebates and points?
Does it specify what manufacturer you need to buy from to earn special points?
Will the points earned gradually expire?
Does the auto card offer points or cash back for qualifying purchases?
Does the auto card have a low introductory rate for both balance transfers and purchases?
How can rewards earned be used?
Can points or cash back rewards be earned for general purchases?
Does it have an annual fee?
Does the card offer extensive online tools to help manage credit card activity and expenses?

You can choose from a variety of auto credit card offers such as those from various dealerships, such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Subaru and Dodge. You can also receive them at gas stations and CitiBank. These cards offer amazing rewards based on qualifying purchases that vary from card to card. Getting maximum rebate rewards or points for qualifying purchases might include:

•Fuel purchases
•Restaurant purchases
•Office supply stores
•Automotive manufacturer purchases, services and parts
•Retail establishment purchases

Understanding how auto cards work, will be your best strategy when selecting the right card for your credit, circumstances and usage. Make sure to research the type of auto credit card you’re interested thoroughly before you apply.

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