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Finding The Best Student Credit Cards: A Quick How-To For College and University Applicants

Students have a lot of responsibilities to bear throughout school and many important decisions to make. Some of these decisions have a much greater long-term impact than others, such as what credit card to sign-up for and how to use it. Responsible credit card management can set the stage for healthy finances for years to come, but the wrong card or misuse of it can leave a student in credit prison. Make the smart choices that set you up for success; the following suggestions will help any student to do just that.

1. Find a no-fee card. Often buried somewhere in the fine-print of a credit card application is information pertaining to an annual fee. Since many companies offer student credit cards with an annual fee of zero dollars, there is absolutely no reason to sign on with a card that carries a fee. Big trusted names present students with flexible terms that don’t impose this unnecessary financial burden.

2. Look for the lowest APR. The annual (or sometimes authorized) percentage rate is the amount of interest charged on the money spent on the card and can add up to a significant amount. Higher APRs can apply to people with low credit scores and those with no credit scores, however; there are companies that offer competitive rates, no matter what the circumstance. So even someone with less than perfect credit or establishing their credit should shop around for the most favorable APR possible.

3. Investigate cash back options. Certain cards have membership programs and award specific purchases with cash back incentives, which can be very enticing. However; many of these offers are highly dependent on circumstances, so knowing exactly what must be bought (and sometimes where) is crucial to getting money back. Although the amounts are often small, they can be enough to make one card more favorable over another, with rewards available on everything from travel expenses to pet food.

4. Keep the payment window open. Students often exist on limited budgets and need flexibility when it comes to their credit cards, which is why terms that offer the most time to keep up with payments are appealing and useful. Allocating funds based on priority and availability makes student life much less stressful, as opposed to having a more restrictive financial schedule.

5. Consider a secured card. Despite being more restrictive than unsecured cards, a secured credit cards are often a great option for students who may tend to go overboard on purchases or need to build-up a solid credit history. Many secured cards also offer lower interest rates and fees too, which will add up to major student savings in the long run. Obtaining a secured card from a major financial institution will ensure that the good payment record established over the life of the card will be reported to the credit bureaus, giving the student an A+ for credit history.

The best way to set yourself up for success is to start off on the right foot, with a smart card and good spending habits. Finding the best student credit card will make life much easier to manage and the future that much brighter.

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